CBT for addictions and addictive behaviour

Are you struggling with an addiction to substances or behaviours that don’t serve your best interests?

It’s time to get help when: 

  • You need to engage in the addictive behaviour more and more to get the desired effect
  • You have unpleasant symptoms when you don’t engage in the addictive behaviour
  • You are finding it hard to cut down on or control your addictive behaviour
  • Your life is increasingly revolving around your addiction, and you are preoccupied with planning, engaging in and recovering from your addictive behaviour
  • Your relationships and work are suffering

Your treatment options:                                      

  • You may need to have a medically managed withdrawal from alcohol or drugs before having any further treatment
  • Individual therapy is the most effective line of treatment, so you can reach a greater understanding of your addiction and how to overcome it

CBT and addiction
In CBT, you and your therapist work together to identify and change negative thinking and behaviour patterns which may contribute to your emotional distress.  The focus of your therapy will be to recognise and gently change your thoughts or self-talk which express your beliefs and perceptions.  Cognitive approaches centre on replacing one thought, belief or form of self-talk with another.  CBT is also an effective way to learn more balanced ways of thinking about and coping with life events and relationships.

How can I make an appointment?
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