CBT for anger

Are you struggling with anger? 

It’s time to get help when: 

  • Your anger or repercussions of angry episodes are impacting negatively on your relationships or work – or even get you into trouble with the police
  • You feel like you can’t control your anger
  • You feel like you’re feeling or being aggressive, intense and angry most of the time

CBT and anger

There are several specific CBT interventions used for the treatment of anger which will enable you to: 

  • Be aware of and slow down your negative automatic thoughts
  • Rewrite the script in your head by identifying thoughts which cause emotional reactions and replacing them with thoughts which do not
  • Assess and achieve goals – and deal with setbacks – without getting angry
  • Remove yourself from potentially explosive situations
  • Brainstorm solutions to problems and evaluate success and learnings
  • Build on social skills to ensure behaviour and response are always appropriate
  • Be assertive and not aggressive
  • Negotiate and resolve conflict

How can I make an appointment?
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