Efficacy’s Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Programmes: Clinically Proven To Be Effective

Our mission is to offer affordable evidence-based therapies to help people with emotional difficulties. Our online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) therapy program is one important component of this along with our commitment to quality and effectiveness of the interventions we provide.

For some, online CBT therapy has advantages over face to face therapy.  With 24/7 remote (online) access, you can complete therapy at your pace, reflecting your schedule, when you need it, for the duration you want.  The program is supported by an expert mental health supporter that stays with you during the whole process.

Efficacy’s online CBT program is clinically proven to be effective.

As with all of our therapy treatments, this online option receives clinical governance and supervision that you would expect of a high-quality therapy group with checks and measures to make sure your treatment is effective and appropriate for you.

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