Christa Shehadeh

Title: Senior Therapist

Department: Our Therapists

Telephone: 0207 929 7911



Post Grad. Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT), (2010)

Behavioural Couples Therapy (BCT) (2015)

MBCT/MBSR teacher (2011)

BABCP accreditation (2012)

MSc in Therapeutic Counselling (2005)

BACP accreditation (2008)


Christa has 15 years’ experience working in psychotherapeutic settings. She has worked in the NHS for the last eight years as a Senior cognitive behavioural therapist (CBT).  This role was working with clients across all common mental health disorders, and Christa prides herself on her client-centred care and treatment outcomes.  She is also trained and has extensive experience in behavioural couples therapy (BCT).

Christa is an MBCB and MBSR teacher (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy/mindfulness-based stress reduction) for Pain Management and Long-term Physical Health Conditions.

Before specialising in CBT, Christa has worked as psychotherapeutic Counsellor. She has been initially a university lecturer in the UK in European Language departments. She has also worked extensively in Europe as translator and interpreter for various European languages.

Special Interests

Christa offers individual, and couples for Depression and all Anxiety Disorders like generalised anxiety, worry, OCD, panic, phobia and trauma, low self-esteem and also has extensive experience in sex therapy.

Christa’s special interest is working with couples who are in distress because of one partner suffering from Depression/Worry/OCD/PTSD due to a couple-related issue like infidelity, infertility or a long-term physical condition.