Anxiety Disorders

What are the main anxiety disorders?

The anxiety disorders are a cluster of disorders, often related and overlapping, with defined criteria.  Anxiety is our natural and safe emotion of protection.  Being anxious or experiencing high levels of anxiety does not mean it is an anxiety disorder, it might be a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.  There are other disorders were people feel anxious, and if anxiety is the consistent or predominating emotion then it is likely to be an anxiety disorder. This is not the case for all disorders, such as substance use disorders or bulimia, but anxiety can be frequently experienced or a maintaining factor. 

The anxiety disorders are:

Other problems that are not classified as anxiety disorders, but anxiety is the maintaining the problem or the predominating emotion are:

How to get treatment for an anxiety disorder?

If you would like us to treatment for an anxiety disorder we have several CBT service across London and 250 CBT therapists in the UK.  

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