Addictions and Behaviour

With dry January finally behind us, our thoughts may turn to our relationship with alcohol and whether it is social or problematic. But addiction can go far beyond our relationship with substances like alcohol or drugs. Sometimes our behaviour suggests that we may operate as though we’re addicted to activity. This could be to some everyday activity like eating or shopping or even exercise. Sometimes our activities may be more extreme or potentially higher-risk such as bungee jumping, mountaineering or exploring hostile terrain.

Whatever the behaviour, the sense of pleasure or relief we enjoy from it seems to become increasingly necessary to us but harder to achieve. This is like the heroin addict being unable to recreate that first high – we need more of our substance/activity to achieve the same response as our brain’s reward/pleasure activities take more and more stimulating. So we obsessively engage in that behaviour, sometimes neglecting other important activities or relationships.

If you are interested in learning skills and techniques to help you regain a sense of control over behaviour you’re struggling to moderate, CBT may be able to help you

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