Benfleet, Essex

Dr Nicola Thorne


  • Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology 
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 
  • Behavioural Couples Therapy 
  • EMDR trained
  • Associate Fellow with the British Psychological Society
  • HCPC registered


Nicola is a senior chartered counselling psychologist and cognitive behavioural therapist who regularly works with clients on a wide range of issues including trauma, anxiety disorders, OCD, phobias, abuse, domestic violence and panic. She also helps clients to manage life difficulties such as grief, interpersonal difficulties, and relationship issues, and long-term health issues such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia and many more. Nicola is a driven and hardworking practitioner, keen to facilitate change with her clients. Nicola is also a trained supervisor, so would be able to assist with any individuals requiring clinical supervision for CBT.

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