He has given me back my life and career

I am a 39 year old doctor. I was asked to see someone at the Efficacy centre by my local occupational health consultant whom I had originally consulted for advice regarding my problems with dyslexia!

Before I met Lee Grant I was on the brink of losing everything I had ever worked for my whole life.

When I first met Lee I disagreed with everything he said and, did not think that anyone could do anything for me. I could not be more wrong. He correctly diagnosed my condition, helped me see things the way they were and worked tirelessly to cure me.

I don’t think I was an easy client for him as I had already very strong opinions about who I was, what I thought and why I did things. He helped me to understand things about myself that I never knew and to see it all clearly. With his support and guidance I did the impossible and overcame all my problems. Looking back I honestly do not know where I would be now if I hadn’t met him last year.

Lee is friendly, compassionate, warm, knowledgeable, sharp, has a deep understanding of people, their behaviour and cultural differences. He is able to connect to his clients easily and tailor makes the treatment to suit the individuals needs.

What he has done for me is priceless: He has given me back my life and career.

I cannot recommend him more.



June 2016