I was skeptical at first, but Computerised CBT was very effective.

I recently undertook an online CBT programme to help me deal with my fear of flying. I fly regularly for work and it was becoming a real issue for me as I was becoming increasingly anxious about every flight I took. I was somewhat skeptical about doing CBT in a virtual way and if I am honest I wasn’t too confident that it would work for me. However, given how much I travel I knew I couldn’t commit to attending a face to face therapist but also knew that I needed to do something to tackle my anxiety about flying so thought it had to be worth giving it a go.

I worked through the programme over several months, and I had back up support from one of Efficacy’s therapists through phone sessions. I was actually really pleasantly surprised by how effective the programme was. It meant I could take the programme at a time and place which suited me, I could log in and refer back to interesting materials and have access to lots of exercises to help me work through my fears. The support I got from the Efficacy therapist was absolutely second to none, she was hugely supportive but also really challenged my thinking. The whole experience was hugely rewarding for me – and while I don’t think I will ever really enjoy flying, I am much calmer and more confident about every flight that I take, which is a real achievement for me!

So thank you Efficacy, I got much more out of the programme than I ever thought I would!!’


October 2016