CBT Coaching

Coaching can help you move forward in your working life with a range of solutions individually tailored to your situation.

Helping you get the most out of your career, work life or the business you run, psychologically-informed work and leadership coaching provide a range of individually-tailored options and solutions. Whether you are coming from a sense of being stressed/overwhelmed at work, or you are looking for ideas for a new direction or perhaps need to support teams, services or organisations to function better, we can facilitate you to make positive changes in your working life.

Sessions usually last 45-50 minutes and focus on whatever issues or dilemmas you may be facing. Coaches draw on their psychological and leadership training to blend solutions and ideas tailored to your issues. Some clients come for 2-4 sessions; others may drop in now and then when there is a specific issue to address.

Efficacy coaching helps clients solve challenges including:

  • Reducing working hours while increasing productivity
  • Improve organisational profitability
  • Develop staff to function better
  • Career change
  • Enhance performance individually and gain promotion

Efficacy’s coaches are psychological professionals who have also been trained in leadership and/or coaching. They help increase your work options and resilience to get the most out of your working life.

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