CBT for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

What is PTSD?


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can develop following a stressful life event or catastrophic situation which has involved fear, helplessness or horror.  It is common to experience PTSD like symptoms if you’ve experienced or witnessed an event(s) that involved actual or threatened death, serious injury or a physical threat to yourself or others.  

People living with PTSD (and complex PTSD) often suffer for months or years before finding treatment.  Other disorders may be associated with PTSD, including depression, drug or alcohol problems, social anxiety, panic and generalised anxiety symptoms.


Are you struggling with PTSD?

  • It’s time to get help when:
  • You are frequently re-experiencing the event through nightmares or flashbacks
  • You avoid trigger situations and feel emotionally numb
  • You are hypervigilant or hypersensitive to specific situations
  • You feel depressed or anxious because of your experience
  • You are using drugs or alcohol to cope with your feelings


How can CBT Therapy help me with PTSD?

CBT is the treatment of choice for PTSD, and trauma-focused CBT is recommended by NICE (the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) for treatment of those with severe symptoms.  We have outstanding recovery rates in the treatment of PTSD and you can see these results here


CBT has the best evidence for the treatment of PTSD.  NICE also identify that EMDR has an emerging and increasing evidence base in the treatment of PTSD.

Finding a CBT Treatment for PTSD Near You

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