Couples Therapy and CBT Therapy

What is CBT Therapy and Couples’ Therapy?  
Couples' therapy is a gentle way to get you and your partner back on track in your relationship; give you both tools to work through future issues thanks to CBT. 

CBT Therapy can be effective for couples therapy


How will my Efficacy CBT couples’ therapist help my partner and me?

When you begin couples’ therapy, you’ll start with an open discussion between you, your partner and your therapist.  This will help your therapist to understand the situation or situations you want to address. 

Using CBT Therapy, you and your partner will be encouraged to look at your thoughts and beliefs and understand how these impact upon your behaviour towards each other. 

CBT can help with a wide range of issues you may be experiencing.  Initially, your therapist may help you complete a list of problems that you want to address, with goals to go with them.  These goals will be reviewed regularly throughout your therapy.

Common problems associated with couples include: 

  • Communication problems resulting in arguments
  • Feeling or being controlled
  • Inability to problem-solve together
  • One/both being depressed or anxious
  • Growing apart over time 

How can we see a CBT Therapist for Couples Therapy?

To make an appointment for Couples' Therapy, please give us a call now on 020 3795 8718, request a call back here or send us a message here.