Online CBT for Anxiety and Depression: with Support from a CBT Therapist

Is online CBT for me?   

Online CBT may be right for you if:  

  • You want CBT therapy which is cost-effective, and an affordable option compared to face to face CBT therapy
  • You want to get started quickly for help with anxiety and depression with support from a CBT therapist
  • Your busy schedule means that you would prefer to work at your own pace online
  • You want a solution built on proven effective CBT interventions for anxiety and depression being treated with online CBT from home (the office or on the move) suits you 

If you have psychological difficulties related to depression, anxiety and stressEfficacy’s online CBT therapy are designed to help you.  We’ll design a modular programme to suit your needs and to get you better, so you’ll get real therapy with real results.   

Studies show that the most effective online CBT therapies are like ours - programmes supported by a mental health expert.  This means you have a friendly professional to talk to and guide you through the process rather than working through a programme unguided.

How do I know if online CBT is appropriate for me?  

Not all disorders and emotional issues are right for online CBT.  To make sure it’s the right solution for you, at the right time, we’ll arrange for you to have a phone or Skype assessment with a therapist.  If the therapist thinks that another type of therapy is better for you, they will tell you how to access the services you need.  If payment has already been made for your online CBT before you have this assessment, then we’ll immediately give you a refund.

How does online CBT work?  

Online CBT TherapyOnce you have purchased access to the CBT programme, we will arrange for your expert CBT therapist calling you to assess your needs and guide you over the first steps of your online CBT therapy, so that we make sure you’re on the correct recovery path for anxiety or depression. 

Starting with an initial phone call, your CBT therapist will design an online CBT programme comprised of individual sections for you to work through at your own pace. This will include videos, exercises and materials specifically chosen to help you, relating to anxiety or depression intervention tools.  

Your CBT therapist will then regularly review your progress and offer feedback, encouragement and guidance in six sessions over 12 weeks.  These sessions can be over the phone, Skype or email.

The results with online CBT

We regularly evaluate our online CBT therapy programmes to make sure they are effective.

As with all our CBT therapy treatments, online CBT has high levels of governance and supervision that you would expect of any Efficacy therapist.  This means you can be sure that your treatment will be effective and appropriate for you.

How much does online CBT cost?

Please, see our fees here.

How can I start the online CBT programme?   

To arrange Online CBT with the support of a CBT therapist, please give us a call now on 0207 929 7911, request a call back here or send us a message here.