Sex Therapy in London and the UK

An expert sex therapist offers Sex Therapy in our London CBT clinics and most of our UK CBT Service.  All issues are treated discreetly and sensitively and read on to see if psychosexual therapy is for you.

Our sex therapists offer sex therapy for a range of sex problems.


For males, sex therapy can help:

  • Erectile dysfunction (inability to get or sustain a strong enough erection for sexual intercourse to take place)
  • Delayed ejaculation (inability to easily reach a climax during sex – or at all)
  • Sexual addiction
  • Loss or reduction of sex drive
  • Sexual aversion (a very strong dislike for aspects of sex, often leading to avoidance of sex altogether)


Among females, sex therapy can help:

  • Lack of physiological responsiveness (lack of lubrication, and lack of the expansion of the vaginal canal when aroused)
  • Anorgasmia (inability or difficulty to reach a climax)
  • Loss or reduction of sex drive
  • Vaginismus (tightening of the muscles surrounding the vagina when sexual intercourse is attempted)
  • Dyspareunia (intense pain in sexual intercourse)
  • Sexual addiction


Causes of sexual difficulties may be physical or psychological, or a combination.  Even when there is a physical cause for sexual dysfunction, psychological factors often play a part in perpetuating it.  However, if physical problems are present, then a referral for physical investigation may sometimes be required.


Psychological factors in sex therapy can include:

  • General anxiety about sex
  • Fears of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases
  • Depressed mood
  • Misconception, incorrect beliefs and ignorance about sex
  • Strict beliefs that are too concerned with what others think

Relationship factors can be a major cause of sexual problems.  For example, unhappiness about the infidelity of a partner may well lead to a loss of interest in sex.  Sometimes couples therapy can be helpful. 

What Happens in Sex Therapy

If you have one of the sexual problems listed above, you will benefit from finding a Sex Therapist that is qualified and experienced in treating sex problems. The approach used will depend on your specific situation, history and circumstances.  You can have sex therapy alone, or with your partner.

How to find a sex therapist near you?

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