Interactive Online Support for Covid-19

The Challenging Times Digitial Module

Our Online CBT programme is demonstrated to be effective and equal to face to face therapy.  We now offer a Covid-19 specific module from employees that can be incorporated into and existing treatment path or taken as a stand-alone module. The Covid-19 Module is designed to fit into our end to end service of mental health: promotes, prevents, detects, treats.

The Covid-19 interactive module can be with or without direct therapists support.  

We use a simple mental framework directing how to deal with our challenging situation.  An important element is to normalise the anxiety, fear and other common reactions to crisis situations.  We learn how to tolerate and regulate changing emotions, and psychoeducation about the function of our negative emotions (how they can be useful). Exercises build up sills to help dope with those distressing emotions.  Providing tips on how to focus on what we can control is a theme of the whole online CBT program.  

Module Topics in Covid-19

Overall the topics are focussed on staying hopeful, maintaining balanced optimism and building resilience during challenging times. Topics are designed to discover around:

  • how to connect with others at this time, focussing on social networks, communities and supporting others
  • the importance of self-care in it general themes from physical-care to self-compassion. 
  • developing the dynamic skills of juggling life roles, prioritisation strategies for time management
  • building new routines and keeping up activities to maintain a sense of purpose and structure
  • providing tips for surviving self-isolation

Helps to normalise worries and difficult emotions (e.g. fear and anxiety), provides emotional coping strategies (e.g. relaxation) and gives practical solutions for maintaining wellbeing in a time of crisis (e.g. self-care, staying connected, prioritisation, hope and resilience).

Interactive Online Activities

  • Journal Tool - "How Are You Feeling?"
  • Grounding and relaxation exercises
  • My Backup and Support Network
  • Ideas for Staying Connected
  • My Self-Care Activities
  • Time Management - Activity Scheduling

Demo Account

If you would like to find out more call us and if you would like we can provide you with a demo account to see how it works. 

How to Find Out More

For more information about the Impact Skills Intervention for COVID-19 program and discuss your organisation's requirements, please call Lee Grant on 07852110242, request a callback or send us a message.

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