Breaking Down Habits With Shamira Graham

When I arrived in Shamira’s room at Efficacy one afternoon, I was miserable. I was worn down from years of frustratingly predictable cycles of behaviour and a lifetime of being angry at myself.

We began slowly introducing different habits and structures each week was a new experiment. I liked viewing it this way, as though I was investigating my mind and its reactions. I began to write down positive things about my day every day, an activity that felt fraudulent at first but soon became an enjoyable, important tool.

The most difficult, but probably most rewarding, part of my therapy process was tackling my social anxiety. Making myself to go to social events seemed like an unbearable solution; I would have much preferred to curl up on my sofa and avoid the world for a bit longer. But doing it gave me an opportunity to examine my pre-conceptions and the confidence to know that I could. I very quickly noticed the benefits in my personal life and career, and the knowledge of that continues to encourage me to exercise my social muscles.

When I’ve described my therapy experience to people close to me, I’ve talked about the relief, the revelation, the moment where I realised that there was a way out and that I didn’t have to keep living in my hateful head. There was another way of thinking!

Thanks to Shamira and her always thoughtful, infinitely understanding guidance, I now feel like I have the tools to cope with almost anything.

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