Therapy For My Health Anxiety Issues

I have just finished a course of therapy with James Binnie, and I would just like to take a moment to set out how much he has helped me deal with health anxiety issues.

My sessions with James were my first experience of any sort of therapy, so there was a degree of suspicion on my part as well as some cynicism about the potential effect and benefits of CBT.

Looking back I was particularly impressed with James’s ability to recognise the issues I was dealing with. I had previously visited a psychiatrist only once (purely to be diagnosed for insurance purposes), and they had commented that I was suffering from generalised anxiety disorder. It became apparent from speaking to James that this was not the case.

I think what was of benefit to me was that James was capable of dealing with my initial reservations and subsequent queries about myself and the process itself. Any doubts, queries or scepticism that I threw his way, he was able to respond and explain, and I think eventually that helped me enormously to rationalise and understand not only what I was doing but to see the fruitlessness and irrationality of my worries.

Thankfully I am doing much better now, though not without the odd difficulty. I am confident that going forward I can use the tools and exercises that I have learned to combat any problems I may have.


November 2016