A Difficult Relationship with Food

The time I spent with Efficacy was like slowly re-tuning a radio that, for a number of years up to that point, was horribly detuned-playing a constant, distracting and debilitating fuzz. I'd always had a difficult relationship with food and how it related to my body image and self-esteem, but it was a marked change of my eating habit ( from restriction to compulsive over-eating) that made me go to Efficacy.

It wasn't easy. But it's turned out being the biggest achievement I think I've attained. I uncovered things that made me slightly uncomfortable; things that I didn't realise were driving a lot of my emotions and behaviours. My therapist was on my side the whole time in such a supportive, generous and caring way. She ultimately helped me understand the links between what I was feeling, thinking and doing and I now know that these connections aren't unbreakable. Changing my thought processes mean I genuinely now see things differently, literally. I feel healthy, balanced, whole like I haven't done for years.

If you're reading these testimonials because you're considering Efficacy or therapy, my message would be to get off this page and get in touch with them. It will open your eyes.


April 2016