How CBT Gave Me Confidence

"Most of all, therapy has taught me how to think positively, to be more level headed, and to live in the moment. It has given me an insight into my thought processes, traits and habits, and having an awareness of these has allowed me to take control of and change the way I think about things. By learning how to take control of my thoughts, I've been able to focus on myself - therapy has taught me the importance of accepting and trusting myself, and of being assertive, and this has given me more confidence. I have realised that ultimately I am only responsible for my own happiness, and not others, and that I can't always control everything. All of this has meant that I can stop wasting energy worrying incessantly and instead save my energy to enjoy my life. It's allowed me to feel more independent, self assured and happy."


April 2015

Presenting problem: Low self esteem