Job anxiety

Job-related anxiety is a common mental health issue we treat. In today's world, there is immense pressure on employees, managers and leaders where job security and performance are two common reasons we hear encounter.

This testimonial outlines job anxiety and how we work to treat it and enable our clients not to come back to us if that makes sense?

(The client wanted to stay anonymous but if you should need any reassurance from us just get in touch)

"I came to do CBT with Lee at Efficacy because I had been experiencing high levels of anxiety, mostly related to my job. I had tried talking therapy (counselling) before, which had been helpful in some ways, but it felt like my anxiety had taken over and that I had no way out. I was somewhat sceptical about CBT at first, perhaps because I had told myself there was no way out. However, Lee skillfully explained how learning how to assess and challenge negative thought patterns could help me unlock feeling calm and like myself again.

Gradually, once I was able to give myself the time to put into practice what I was learning, the techniques I picked up in CBT started to take effect. CBT gave me tools to understand the interrelationships between my anxious thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. While it was not a quick or easy process, I started to feel some positive changes. Over time, practising the techniques have become more like second nature. That's not to say I don't still experience waves of panic or anxiety: I do, but I know I have the tools to assess what is happening and to work through those reactions. I also learnt a lot about myself during the process, all of which was incredibly valuable. Lee is excellent at reading people and seems to have a profound understanding of how to tap into the individual's view of things, to teach them how to help themselves.

Now, a couple of years later, I can safely say that the things I learnt in CBT continue to work wonders for me. They allow me not only to manage the occasional waves of worry but also to thrive in a way I was not able to previously. I wholeheartedly recommend seeking support from Lee and the team at Efficacy. "

Thanks again for everything.