I Slowly Started to Face my Fears

I first came to Efficacy because I use to have high anxiety issues and panic attacks, mainly related to transportation and social situations. I was so anxious that I constantly felt nauseous. Getting out of my flat to do normal things such as going to work, to the supermarket, or seeing a friend became my worst nightmare. Living became extremely tiring and uncomfortable. My condition led me to have dark thoughts, simply because constantly fighting anxiety on my own became exhausting.

During my sessions with Kerry, I have explored the nature of this anxiety, both in terms of events in my life that have caused it, but also why my body was reacting the way it was. I have learned how to control my anxiety, which has not only helped me recover from my condition but will also allow me to prevent any similar attacks in the future.

With Kerry's help, I slowly started to face my fears and noticed my anxiety gradually coming down - step by step, my life was getting back to normal. After X sessions (I'm not sure how many sessions exactly?), not only I was back to my normal habits, but I also felt better than I have in a very long time! The reasoning and exercises that I have learned at Efficacy made me a more relaxed, rational and a happier person. Thank you for everything!


22 years old

Digital Account Manager