From a Victim to an Achiever

When my GP referred me to a Therapist at Efficacy, for Psychotherapy, I was not sure whether to start Psychotherapy or to say No.

I was hiding, running away, I was not able to trust Medical Professionals and Mental Health Professionals when I first met Peter, my Therapist. 

Peter was able to develop a trust with me and that was the beginning of my healing. By applying his Therapeutic Skills, Peter helped me to get my trauma memory back, which was buried deep in my mind for the last 15 years. Getting the memory of painful, claustrophobic, scary and helpless experiences which  I went through 15 years back, helped me to get the explanation, why I avoid and mistrust Medical Professionals and Mental Health Professionals.

When I got the Trauma memory back, I developed enormous grief and a terrible sadness about the losses I faced.

Peter skilfully helped me to handle my enormous grief over my losses, then, helped me to understand my strengths and my values, to see a vision of a new life and to move from  " a victim" to "an achiever". 



November 2015