Please enjoy examples of the many CBT Therapy testimonials we receive daily on how we help people with their mental health problems via CBT Therapy. The majority are anonymous as we respect the privacy of our clients given the often sensitive nature of them seeing us. 

Individuals and CBT Therapy  

I’ve learned how to manage my anxious thoughts with CBT  

“I feel that CBT has been so helpful and has helped me to get back to normality and taught me ways about my coping with anxiety symptoms.  I think things have been under good control.  I don’t think my anxious thoughts will ever go away, but it is about managing them.” - Anonymous 

CBT have given me back my life and career 

Before I met Lee Grant, I was on the brink of losing everything 

Your help was invaluable 

“I have just completed three CBT therapy sessions with Poonam JethaWoman smiling after CBT TherapyI just wanted to note that her help was invaluable, and I would recommend her as a CBT Therapist to anyone. 

The sessions enabled me to talk openly about my challenges, and she responded by giving me the CBT tools and CBT advice which enabled me to start solving the problems I face. 

I felt very comfortable and safe in her company, and she was both patient and very professional.  I hope not to need any further CBT Therapy but, if I do, I will return to her to continue because she must be one of the best at CBT Therapy.” - Anonymous 

Therapy delivered with wisdom and empathy 

“I’m doing very well.  I’ve taken on board the CBT Therapy strategies for coping… and I feel that I have moved on.  I am very grateful for the CBT that you gave me.  I found our CBT Therapy sessions really productive and have definitely benefited from the process.  I hope you had a good summer and thank you again for your wisdom and empathy.” - Anonymous   

Treatment for OCD 

“I was very happy with the CBT Therapy I found from Efficacy.  I felt that they really understood OCD much more so than my previous  CBT therapist and this had distinct benefits for me. Appointment times were more flexible, and Efficacy was easy to contact. I would like to have more CBT Therapy in the future.” -  Anonymous  

I have regained control of my life again

"I cannot thank Senior Therapist Laura Stafford-Killian enough, she has helped me with my PTSD so I am now able to cope and manage day to day.  I feel I have regained control of my life again. Before I had CBT therapy I felt isolated and in fear of everyone but as soon as I had my first session with Laura she immediately put me at ease and has supported me throughout this process. I highly recommend Efficacy and their staff." - Anonymous 


Things were starting to go wrong at work

Things were starting to go wrong at work, and I didn’t understand why. I lacked concentration and motivation and, while my to-do list was getting longer and longer; I was leaving the office as early as possible each day.  I was anxious about work when I was at home and dreaded going in each day. One morning, I had a breakdown and couldn’t stop crying. I was terrified of what was happening to me and went to see a GP, who diagnosed depression. I was signed off work indefinitely and was referred to Efficacy for CBT Therapy.

My clinical assessment scores were at the severe end of the scale when I first saw Shamira. Throughout our sessions, Shamira taught me that thoughts, emotions, behaviour and physiology are all linked and that changing one of these things can dramatically affect the others. We initially worked on planning each day to increase my levels of achievement and enjoyment, which improved my mood and enabled us to tackle the cause of my depression. Shamira helped me to understand that many rules that I subconsciously lived by were unhelpful and had caused my breakdown. I did not allow myself to make mistakes, assumed that others thought the worst of me, needed to be in control at all times and believed that I was not good enough. These rules were constantly being challenged by day to day life.

After only two months of CBT therapy, including working hard at the homework tasks that Shamira set, my assessment scores were within the range of the normal population, and I was back at work nearly full time. My rate of progress has been remarkable and friends, family and colleagues have all noticed an incredible difference in my attitude to work and life in general. I am the happiest at work that I have ever been and feel like a new and improved person.

I could not be more thankful to Shamira and to Efficacy for the help and support that I have received. CBT Therapy requires dedication and hard work, but it can be, quite literally, life-changing. I would thoroughly recommend anyone considering this step to take it.

CMS Associate 

What he has done for me is priceless: Lee has given me back my life and career with CBT Therapy.  

I am a 39-year-old doctor.  I was asked to see CBT Therapist at the Efficacy centre by my local occupational health consultant whom I had originally consulted for advice regarding my problems with dyslexia! 

When I first met Lee, I disagreed with everything he said and did not think that anyone could do anything for me.  I could not have been more wrong. Lee correctly diagnosed my condition, helped me see things the way they were and worked tirelessly to cure me. 

I don’t think I was an easy client for him as I already had very strong opinions about who I was, what I thought and why I did things. Lee helped me to understand things about myself that I never knew and to see it all clearly.  With his support and guidance, I did the impossible and overcame all my problems.   Looking back, I honestly do not know where I would be now if I hadn’t met him last year. 

Lee is friendly, compassionate, warm, knowledgeable, sharp, and has a deep understanding of people, their behaviour and cultural differences.  He can connect with his clients easily and tailors the CBT Therapy to suit the individual’s needs. 

What he has done for me is priceless: Lee has given me back my life and career. 

I cannot recommend him more.”  - Anonymous 

CBT Therapy helped me immensely and my CBT Therapist was very experienced
Thank you so much for your good work and CBT Therapy 

“I was referred by my doctor to have CBT Therapy with Efficacy under the Practitioners Health Programme.  Initially, I was a little apprehensive about counselling due to a bad experience some years ago.  However, my CBT therapist instantly made me feel comfortable, and I was able to talk freely without worrying about how ridiculous I may have sounded. 

I got simple yet effective methods for dealing with my anxiety and catastrophic thinking.  I implemented these CBT Therapy tools straight away.  My CBT therapist combines an excellent sense of humour with the ability to listen carefully and know when to intervene.  This allowed me to analyse and understand my faulty thinking processes and change the way I look at situations. 

Over the sessions, I have learnt so much, and I have seen massive improvements in both my personal and work life.  My anxiety levels have decreased so that I can now save the adrenaline for when I really need it at work. 

I hope not to need the CBT Therapy of Efficacy again but would not hesitate to return or refer any colleagues in difficulty.  Thank you so much for your good work.” - Anonymous 

Online CBT Therapy with CBT Therapist support

I was sceptical at first, but online CBT Therapy was very effective 

“I recently undertook an online CBT Therapy programme to help me deal with my fear of flying.  I regularly fly for work, and it was becoming a real issue for me as I was becoming increasingly anxious about every flight I took.  I was somewhat sceptical about doing CBT Therapy in a virtual way, and if I am honest, I wasn’t too confident that it would work for me.  However, given how much I travel, I knew I couldn’t commit to attending a face- to -face therapist. Equally, I knew that I needed to do something to tackle my anxiety about flying so thought it had to be worth giving it a go. 

I worked through the programme over several months, and I had backup support from one of the Efficacy’s CBT therapists through phone sessions.  I was pleasantly surprised by how effective the programme was.  It meant I could take the CBT programme at a time and place which suited me; I could log in and refer to interesting materials and have access to lots of exercises to help me work through my fears.  The support I got from the Efficacy CBT therapist was absolutely second to none  My CBT therapist was hugely supportive but also really challenged my thinking.  The whole experience was hugely rewarding for me – and while I don’t think I will ever really enjoy flying, I am much calmer and more confident about every flight that I take, which is a real achievement for me! 

So, thank you Efficacy, I got much more out of the CBT Therapy programme than I ever thought I would!’ - Anonymous

I would recommend Efficacy Online CBT Therapy to anyone seeking help and guidance 

Online Therapy can be adapted to your schedule and supported by a professional CBT Therapist“I have tried many forms of counselling and therapy in the past, and while most of have been used and allowed me to gain coping skills, none have been as successful as the online CBT Therapy I undertook with Efficacy. 

From my first CBT Therapy session of simply browsing the modules, reading extracts and going through the different tools, I knew that this would be something that would become very beneficial to me.  I could sense my thought processes changing as the weeks went by, and even early on in my experience, I felt more positive about the future and much less anxious in the present.  I also liked how the modules were specific to me and my needs and not just generic CBT Therapy advice guides with no idea on where to focus. 

Even though it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by new technology, I found the software easy to navigate.  It was also somehow easier and more relaxing to go through tools and sections online, as opposed to being obliged to attend in person; something I wouldn’t have been able to commit to.  That being said, I was 100% supported on the phone by my CBT therapist Lee Grant, with weekly catch ups and the offer to speak anytime I needed advice or support. 

All in all, I would give Efficacy Online CBT Therapy 10 out of 10 and would recommend Efficacy to anyone seeking help and guidance.  I know I will be using the system for a long time to come and that the techniques I learnt from the modules will help me for life.” -  Anonymous 

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