Why I recommend Online CBT

‘I have tried many forms of counselling and therapy in the past, and while most of have been used and allowed me to gain coping skills, none have been as successful as the online CBT I undertook with Efficacy.

From my first session of simply browsing the modules, reading extracts and going through the different tools I knew that this would be something that would become very beneficial to me. I could sense my thought processes changing as the weeks went on and even early on in my experience, I felt more positive about the future and much less anxious in the present. I also liked how the modules were specific to me and my needs and not just generic CBT advice guides with no idea on where to focus.

Even though it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by new technology, I found the software easy to navigate. It was also somehow easier and more relaxing to go through tools and sections online, as opposed to being obliged to attend in person; something I wouldn’t have been able to commit to. That being said, I was 100% supported on the phone by my therapist Lee Grant, with weekly catch ups and the offer to speak anytime I needed advice or support.

All in all, I would give Efficacy Online CBT 10 out of 10 and would recommend to anyone seeking help and guidance; I know I will be using the system for a long time to come and that the techniques I learnt from the modules will help me for life.’


July 2016